School Audit

Compliance and Asset Management Solution


School Audit will revolutionise the way you manage assets in your school. Our software is simple, smart and effective, and gives you access to live accurate data at all times.

With unlimited users and locations, anyone with a smart device can carry out audit and compliance checks, add new assets, report damaged equipment, carry out health and safety compliance checks, all from one simple app.

School Audit is designed for all education establishments that want to take control of their asset and compliance problems using a cost effective software solution.


Take control of your asset and compliance problems! Reduce the time taken to manage and audit your assets by up to 75%


  • Unlimited users
  • Powerful filtering and search function
  • Attach PDF documents to assets
  • Easily change ownership, location and faculty of an asset
  • Add and update photos from your smart device
  • Compliance – create custom compliance checks
  • Capture supplier details for every asset
  • Vehicle reminder – alerts you when MOT, insurance and tax is due
  • Use for your PAT test reminders
  • Record warranty and replacement dates for every asset
  • Report faults in seconds – direct to your supplier
  • FREE App so all staff can download and use the software
  • Depreciation module for Academy and Independent schools
  • Minibus checks – make sure you’re compliant

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