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Enterprise Networking and Security

The first result for ‘Aruba’ on Google, beating out the country itself, this Hewlett Packard Enterprise company is about making connections. They are recognised by analysts Gartner as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch and Data Centre networking. Aruba prides itself on being unconventional and innovative in its approach to delivering leading network services and robust AI systems to monitor them.

Aruba provides a range of high-speed, secure wireless services to businesses. They have the first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution, allowing for more capacity, wider channels and less interference. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations, Aruba provides a centralised cloud-native management system, as well as their artificial intelligence program, Aruba AIOps. Using machine learning, AIOps has been trained to proactively identify any issues before providing solutions and service assurance. Their connectivity solutions also extend beyond WiFi. Their range of Network Switches can be used to connect disparate applications, users and equipment into one unified system. Their network management systems can provide large-scale infrastructure management, with both cloud and on-premises options available. These Aruba products and more can be kept secure using Aruba’s Zero Trust Security, their robust security package that not only covers on-site devices and systems but can also be extended to home workers.

When it comes to connections, Aruba has things covered. Their diverse and innovative portfolio of products and services promises high-quality, secure networking for any institution. With products designed for ease of use through features such as unified operating systems across devices on the same network, Aruba allows you to hit the ground running with complete control over all your assets.

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