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There are many different types of technology touted as a way of transforming your institution into the digital school of the future. But one often overlooked product that is necessary for all institutions, school or otherwise, is broadband. That’s where Virgin Media comes in. Owned by Virgin Media O2, a joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica, the company now offers the UK’s fastest widely-available Broadband speeds.

As education has evolved over the past decade, broadband has become more and more of a necessity for the running of a school, as it’s used for so much more than just connecting computers to the internet. Now, broadband is needed for interactive learning tools like electronic whiteboards, for conducting parents’ evenings (and even lessons) over video chat or utilising cloud-based learning programs. So much of school life now necessitates an internet connection. Making sure you have the best is incredibly important.

Combining the UK’s largest and most reliable mobile network with a broadband network offering the fastest widely-available broadband speeds Virgin Media O2 brings a range of connectivity services together in one place with 49.3 million UK connections across broadband, mobile, TV and home phone alongside a mobile network that covers 99% of the nation’s population with 4G, and more than 600 towns and cities with 5G services, they are one of the UK’s largest businesses.

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