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In an increasingly dangerous digital world, it is absolutely crucial that you have a comprehensive and dependable cybersecurity service at your disposal, especially when you have children in your care. Sophos’ security services employ a mixture of security professionals and artificial intelligence to attain the best results when it comes to threat detection and prevention. As a result, over 12,000 companies trust Sophos to provide that cybersecurity through their Managed Detection and Response service alone.

99.98% of threats are blocked by Sophos’ automated protection tools, allowing their adept human analysts to specifically track and shut down more sophisticated attacks. With their ever-evolving artificial intelligence learning to better its response rate through machine learning, Sophos has managed to get its average response time, from threat detection to remedying the situation, down to an impressive 38 minutes, as opposed to the median time of 16 hours. Their cloud-based management console allows users to examine and report threats, as well as read weekly and monthly reports on security investigations, cyber threats and their overall security posture. Further, Sophos can provide Network Security to filter out unsavoury and dangerous internet locations without restricting learning.

Across primary, secondary, further and higher education institutions, Sophos provides all-in-one cybersecurity to keep students and institutions safe and secure. Their already imposing artificial intelligence learns more about cybersecurity threats with each new case it takes on, and Sophos’ professionals not only resolve dangerous issues and breaches but also work to ensure their customers are protected from any future attacks of a similar nature. By utilising Sophos’ solutions, institutions can feel secure in the knowledge that they have cybersecurity experts protecting them and their data 24/7.

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