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The search engine giant has its fingers in many pies. As one of the biggest companies in the world, when it sets its sights on something, they go all out. So it’s not surprising that Google’s foray into word processors and other office packages has had so much success that it arguably rivals Microsoft’s software. While we would hate to choose between the two, we appreciate the fact we now have multiple, solid options available to the education sector.

Your basic word and spreadsheet programs are already a fine enough start, but they only scratch the surface of the programs offered. Their integration into Google Drive, an extremely convenient online cloud service similar to Microsoft’s One Drive, makes sharing files easier than ever. Google Meet allows for reliable and secure video conferencing, making online classes and parent-teacher conferences incredibly convenient. These features are very commonplace and used in schools, offices and at home. However, Google has also created further applications specifically for education, such as Google Assignments. Through Assignments, teachers can distribute personalised copies of their templates and worksheets to their students. Work can be quickly and effortlessly marked, checked for authenticity and plagiarism, and specific feedback issued clearly and concisely.

These programs and applications allow students and teachers alike to have easy access to their work on a platform that keeps everything integrated and well organised. Further applications, such as Google Classroom allow teachers and students an extra level of visibility about their work, their accessibility options, assignment marking and so much more. And to top it all off, the base package of Google Workspace for Education is available for free, with more features and additions available for extra cost as part of a tiered pricing system.

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