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Door Access Control

As an educational institution, you have a responsibility to keep your students, staff and resources safe at all times. With hundreds or thousands of people to watch out for, oftentimes a little extra security is needed, which makes Paxton a perfect Virtue partner. With over 30 years of experience dedicated to designing market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings, with Paxton you can be assured of your school’s security.

Paxton’s access control allows your students and staff to move about the building freely, while also keeping restricted areas like offices and staff rooms secure. Automated doors have different levels of access and have numerous ways to ascertain users’ access rights, from video surveillance that can be monitored by reception staff to smart device access, using Bluetooth technology to key into rooms. Visitor cards are another, widely used option, and with Paxton can be set to expire after a certain period of time or only grant access between certain hours.

Paxton’s security benefits are vast and cover a lot of areas beyond the obvious. The system can be programmed to identify which rooms aren’t in use at which times and switch off lights, air conditioning and electrical condition. Automatic roll calls can also be generated in the event of a fire alarm for added security. Vending systems can be installed so students can transfer their cash onto their access cards to pay for school meals. And the whole system can be integrated with existing systems such as CCTV, visitor management, fire alarms and biometric security. Paxton makes sure you’re secure in all the ways expected, and several of the ones you don’t.

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