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Cloud Backup with AirGap & Disaster Recovery

With our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution you can have your IT systems fully operational with access to staff and student data within 24hours of a disaster taking place.

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When disaster strikes a school they can come under intense scrutiny depending on the impact it has on students and learning. This often includes negative media attention for failing to prepare. Increased recovery times impact on pupil’s education and angry parents demand answers.

It can be a particularly time consuming process to recover essential services, but Virtue Technologies can minimise both the risk of data loss, as well as the time it takes to get your school back fully operational should the worst happen.

The Risks

One in eight schools suffers a serious arson attack, with nearly a third of all fires starting during term time.

It is estimated that the education of 90,000 children is disrupted by fire in schools each year. Additionally 1 in 14 businesses, including schools, are at risk of flooding. Those numbers are quite sobering.

In both instances, the likelihood of damage to infrastructure and loss of data is high.

The Solution

With our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution you can have your IT systems fully operational with access to staff and student data within 24 hours of a disaster taking place. 

Recent disaster scenarios have seen our customers among the fastest to recover in the affected cities.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable, integrate the Virtue Technologies Cloud Disaster Recovery solution into your school’s business continuity plan today.

Virtue can provide you with a secure location to securely, easily, and reliably backup your school data. By enabling Veeam Cloud Connect from your on-premise console, in the event of a data problem on your site, you can access the backups and restore data at any time.

Air Gapped Backup

Highlighted by the DfE and local police forces, schools and colleges are increasingly at risk of being compromised and hacked. An additional air gapped backup will create a second data backup that is kept offline* and separate from the main data source, preventing the data from being compromised via online.

Encrypted at source, in flight and at rest using 256-bit encryption, and with multiple restore points and an air gapped snapshot copy of your backup data, your information is always kept secure.

*approved by RPA as compliant with offline backup

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Disaster Recovery Option

In the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood at your school we will restore and run the most recent backups of a Domain Controller, MIS server and 2 x files servers in our datacentre(s). We will present them via a secure Remote Desktop gateway for your selected users to access from anywhere they have internet connection. This way you can access the data you need to get your school back up and running.

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Speak to the team today

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Virtue Technologies actually understand what goes on in schools, it’s not all about a computer on a desk, it’s about the experience for the students. I think we share that with Virtue.

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