Procurement Frameworks

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Procurement frameworks are designed to streamline the process of purchasing IT products and services by providing a pre-approved list of suppliers and contracts that meet specific quality standards and price points.


Some benefits of buying IT products and services through a procurement framework include:

  • Cost savings: Procurement frameworks leverage the collective buying power of multiple organisations to negotiate competitive pricing and cost savings for IT products and services.
  • Time savings: By using a procurement framework, schools and MATS can save time in the procurement process by avoiding the need to conduct lengthy procurement processes, including tendering, supplier vetting, and contract negotiations.
  • Reduced risk: Procurement frameworks typically provide a pre-approved list of suppliers who have been vetted for quality and compliance, reducing the risk of contracting with untested or unreliable vendors.

Overall, using a procurement framework for purchasing IT products and services in education can provide significant benefits in terms of cost savings, time savings, risk reduction, standardisation, and transparency.

Procurement Process

The process for a Virtue Technologies to get on a procurement framework can vary depending on the specific framework and its requirements. However, some common steps that we may need to take to get on a procurement framework include:

  • Registration: The first step is typically to register with the procurement framework. This may involve completing an application form, providing company information, and agreeing to the framework’s terms and conditions.
  • Compliance: We will need to demonstrate compliance with specific quality standards, such as ISO or Cyber Essentials, and provide evidence of relevant certifications.
  • Due diligence: The procurement framework may conduct due diligence on the company, including verifying the company’s financial stability, checking references, and reviewing the company’s track record and experience.
  • Competitive tendering: In many cases, we need to participate in a competitive tendering process to secure a place on the framework.

Virtue Frameworks

We are currently on the following Department for Education approved frameworks:

  • Everything ICT Department for Education Framework
  • CPC:2021/2526 – ICT Networking and Storage Solutions
  • Crown Commercial Services RM6103 – Education Technology (Ending)
  • Crown Commercial ServicesRM6225 DPS – Audio Visual Technical Consultancy & Commissioning
  • Crown Commercial Services RM6095 DPS – Gigabit Capable Connectivity