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Enterprise Wireless LAN

At Virtue Technologies we know your school’s success in launching digital learning will be directly impacted by the performance of its wireless LAN (Local Area Network). 

A wireless LAN that fails to deliver reliable high speed connectivity will impact class time, create frustrated users, and turn users off from wanting to use the new program.

As more users, more devices, and more applications continue to flood your Wi-Fi network, you need enterprise-class Wi-Fi that delivers a superior experience for all users. 

By unlocking the true potential of 802.11 standards, we put networks in control, creating Virtualised Wireless LAN environments that deliver more reliability and flexibility.

The benefits of this will be reliable connectivity with seamless device mobility across the entire campus with applications such as VoIP, video and multimedia running smoothly and reliably.

Fortinet brings simplicity to the monitoring and management of your WLAN and you can quickly onboard new students and their devices throughout the year. 

Gigabit WiFi – Latest 802.11 Standards

Aruba’s wireless network architecture optimises 802.11ax (wifi 6) potential for higher throughput and capacity giving you the fastest Gigabit WiFi in the industry.

With Aruba’s 802.11ax intelligent Wi-Fi solution, your staff and students can enjoy uninterrupted learning by:

  • Speed and reliability for work and indoor campus environments with real world speeds of 2.69 gigabit per second
  • Enabling the most multimedia rich learning applications (streaming video, IPTV or screen mirroring with AirPlay)
  • Ensuring reliability by dedicating wireless channels for specific applications based upon policy
  • Wi-Fi 6 support for OFDMA, MU-MIMO, plus Client Match means multiple clients on each channel, regardless of device or traffic type
  • Latest security enhancements with dynamic segmentation and policy enforcement firewalls
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Virtue Technologies actually understand what goes on in schools, it’s not all about a computer on a desk, it’s about the experience for the students. I think we share that with Virtue.

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John Robinson Operations Director, Rowan Learning Trust