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Alongside being a global leader in technology and business solutions, Fujitsu also proclaims itself to be ‘a company of the future’. They believe that supplying teachers and schools with the best products and technology is a necessary step when it comes to shaping the next generation. Through enabling improved digital and computer-assisted learning, they believe they can help build a better tomorrow, which is obviously an idea that we very much subscribe to.

Fujitsu’s desktop, workstation, notebook and tablet ranges (such as Esprimo, Celsius, Lifebook and Stylistic, respectively) use innovative Japanese and German engineering to produce a top-of-the-line computing experience. Robust, reliable and affordable, these computers are perfectly suited for classroom and home working alike. Fujitsu’s output also extends far beyond that of just computers, with other office and school equipment available in abundance. Port replicators, adapters, cables, headsets, printers, scanners, digital storage solutions and any other accessory you might need to get your classroom fully kitted out can be sourced from Fujitsu, with a best-in-class quality guarantee.

Although aiming for high-end software is an admirable goal, it means nothing if you don’t also invest in the hardware capable of actually running it. Investing in quality, long-lasting devices that will hold up to your students, faculty and staff’s wants and needs is essential for any institution that wants to embrace the future of education and not be left in the past. Through their premium hardware, Fujitsu vows to help educators keep up with all the latest digital trends while keeping prices reasonable.

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