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Interactive Displays

Ever since the advent of the iPhone in 2007, touch screens have become a more and more indispensable part of our existence. Hence why it’s CTouch’s mission to bring that very same accessibility one might find on their phone to any workspace where collaboration abounds.

As the world’s most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer, CTOUCH provides a range of energy-efficient touch displays and interactive touch solutions that increase productivity, interactivity and engagement in any classroom or meeting room. CTOUCH’s commitment to sustainability makes them an excellent choice for organisations and schools looking to reduce their environmental footprint while benefiting from high-quality, eco-friendly interactive displays.

Alongside a fine-tuned, fluid writing experience, CTOUCH’s intuitive and user-friendly boards also have a host of other capabilities, from screen sharing to internet access and the capacity to annotate teaching resources and websites alike. Designed to work with whatever software you’re used to (be that Android, Windows or Linux), this range of boards offers an impressive balance between computing capability and ease of use.

Features like the built-in JBL speakers allow users to display videos and power-point presentations without the use of ancillary equipment like a projector, removing the need to invest in other accessories and saving you money. As a bonus, CTOUCH’s devices come with the interactive education presentation software Mozabook built in.

CTOUCH Heartbeat

CTOUCH Heartbeat provides a lifetime of support, upgrades and training to CTOUCH touchscreens. These features massively extend the touchscreens’ lifetime and improve user experience. This leads to a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). At the same time, Heartbeat helps you to reduce your CO2 footprint.

  • With CTOUCH new screens users get 1 year of Heartbeat Safe subscription for free
  • CTOUCH offer up to 10 years warranty when screens are enrolled in Heartbeat Safe
  • As part of the Heartbeat programme, CTOUCH also refurbish end-of-life products. Customers can return their used screen to our buy-back programme and get money back.

Managing touchscreens across your school, college or university can be a real hassle. With CTOUCH Heartbeat, our hassle-free service programme, our promise is simple: we take care of everything involving your touchscreens, keeping them up to date and ensuring the latest security standards. You will be able to manage all screens on your network remotely, from the comfort of your chair.


  • CTOUCH is the world’s most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer. Their mission is to reduce their CO2 footprint by 60% and increase the circularity of their products by 25% in 2025.
  • To show how much money people can save on their electricity bill when choosing CTOUCH sustainable touchscreens over another brand, CTOUCH introduced the Energy Saving Calculator.
  • CTOUCH touchscreens always come in eco mode by default. CO2 emissions can be reduced up to 83% when using our products in eco mode or backlight off mode.
  • CTOUCH is the first (and currently the only) touchscreen manufacturer with a Sustainability Passport for all its products. Through this Passport we provide transparency and awareness of the used resources in our touchscreens.
  • 88% of the materials used in CTOUCH products can be recycled.

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