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Most will likely already be familiar with Microsoft’s education solutions from their own time studying. The variety of programs available in Microsoft’s 365 Apps range, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are common classroom tools that have been widely used across every level of education for decades.

Alongside their office suite, Microsoft has also produced the Windows 11SE operating system. Programmed to run on cost-effective devices, with a curated list of safe applications allowed and essential education apps preinstalled and the ability to be managed remotely by IT admins using Microsoft Intune, it’s finely calibrated for educational use. Microsoft’s various security measures also help to minimise class disruptions and keep devices running safely and smoothly, while Microsoft Teams provides a digital hub that helps teachers keep their lessons organised and their students engaged. The physical element is also covered thanks to Microsoft’s vast range of devices, with a selection of their more affordable (and durable) computers, laptops and tablets designed specifically with education in mind.

As you can see, nearly every facet of the learning process has been explored and catered to by Microsoft. In the hope of promoting accessibility, these education-focused options are often designed to be affordable, meaning that schools won’t be hampered by budget when it comes to sourcing the very best technology to give to their students. These education-focused devices are also durable and shock-resistant, capable of surviving any accidents or mischief that could otherwise lead to damage. Well-rounded and thorough, Microsoft is a great supplier when it comes to sourcing large amounts of IT equipment and software at a reasonable rate.

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