Virtue are a Google for Education partner

Google can enable you to transform how your school works with their suite of tools that are free and secure.

Google Workspace will enable you to collaborate anywhere. You'll be able to co-edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real-time. Connect your classroom and communicate your way with email, chat and video all available.

You can easily create classes, give quizzes, make assignments and even save time marking: manage your classroom simply. Make planning lessons easier too. You can build to-do lists, schedule meetings and create task reminders; all to easily organize your tasks.

Google Workspace's ideal for IT and Network Managers too. You can administer and scale confidently with Google Workspace. From managing devices, students, and security so your data stays safe and you can scale as needed.

We're ideally placed, to guide and support you through your Google Workspace adoption and deployment. You can also speak to us about Google Workspace Enterprise for Education, which has added security and enhanced features.

Support Google Workspace & Manufacture Chromebooks:
Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.

Students Worldwide
are using Chromebooks

Students & Teachers Globally
are using Google Classroom

Students & Teachers are using Google Workspace for Education

Provision G Suite for free thanks to a new DfE initiative


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides you with easy-to-use tools that allow you to improve infrastructure, understand student success and boost your research, all in a secure environment.

Learn more at Google for Education's website


Google Workspace

Inspire teachers and students to learn, work and innovate together in brand new ways. Enable transformation in your classrooms with the free, secure tools from Google Workspace for Education.

Learn more at Google for Education's website



Chromebooks are simple, secure, and shareable devices. Use them to help educators and pupils create and collaborate more easily, and make learning more engaging and effective.

Learn more at Google for Education's website



One of the many tools within Google Workspace for Education. Classroom enables teachers and educators to create, set, review, and organise lessons and assignments for students.

See how Classroom works at Google for Education's website

“The Chromebooks just work. They are reliable and give you quick and easy access to Google Workspace for Education. Students love collaborating on projects both in and outside of classes.”
Mark Brandish Head of IT services,
Coleg Cambria
“Combining Google Workspace for Education with Chromebooks gave us a truly seamless, efficient, effective, and innovative learning system that supports our personalized learning environment. There is no way we could do this without using Chromebooks and Google Workspace.”
David Gundlach, Deputy Superintendent,
Oshkosh Area School District

Tools for collaboration, communication & creativity

Your teachers can spend more time personalising student's learning experience and less time managing it. Students will be empowered to learn skills for the future and learn 21st-century problem-solving to help them prepare for the world of work. Google for Education also provides a wealth of accessibility features to help every student do their best work.

Easy IT administration for organisations of all sizes

It's easy to use, manage and deploy Google for Education products. In just a few clicks, IT administrators can easily set-up new devices and manage policies across an entire school, Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) or Local Education Authority (LEA). Plus the automation already in-built ensures all users stay up to date and the cloud-based management streamlines the process.

Budget-friendly, with security built-in

Because Google Workspace and Classroom are free for schools, deploying Google is incredibly cost-effective and budget-friendly. Chromebooks are shareable too, which extends the benefits of the technology easily and affordably. This means you can support even more students. And security is built in, with 24/7 support and multiple layers of security to keep students and data safe.

Google being used in Primary and Secondary Schools

Primary & Secondary Sector Solutions

Use Google Tools to jumpstart learning in the classroom

Learn more about the ways Google tools and resources help teachers and students create, collaborate, and build digital skills for the future.

Why Google?

Higher & Further Education Sector Solutions

Use Google Tools to unlock possibilities at colleges and universities

Find out more about the ways Google solutions are powering advanced research, enabling breakthrough discoveries, and opening up learning opportunities.

Why Google?

Google being used in HE
Google Teaching Resources

Hear from UK classrooms how Google for Education has sparked their learning

Students and Educators across the UK and around the World use Google for Education to innovate their teaching and learning in a meaningful way.

Tring School

Tring School, Hertfordshire

Their roll-out of Chromebooks & Google Workspace for Education took a school with a strong reputation, culture & good results and furthered their student engagement, satisfaction and open culture of differentiated learning.

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21% more
students performed above their expected level in Science, since adoption.1
1. Compared to the previous year.

6.5 years
using Google Workspace &
Google for Education tools on their 1,200+ Chromebooks

Wheatley Park School, Oxford

In not very long, Wheatley have transformed their learning from traditional models to one-to-one, all without a big budget. They're a great example of how you can change the way students learn.

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Wheatley Park

Churston Ferrers
Grammar School

The Grammar School has experienced a communication revolution through their use of Google Apps & Chromebooks.

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Cramlington Learning Village

Using Google for Education tools, the students have been enabled to learn independently, giving them more confidence.

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Academies Enterprise
Trust (AET)

Through scalabilty and standardisation, AET have used Google Apps to inspire their students while reducing costs.

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Primary School

The need for easy-to-use classroom laptops led Paganel Primary to look no further than Google Chromebooks

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What's included with Google Workspace for Education?

Because we're a Google for Education Partner, we can set up everything you need. Working with us enables you to take advantage of these tools without having to get involved with the technical configuration, and our engineers can take you through the solution and learn what you need without all the technical talk and jargon.

Google Workspace from Google is a collection of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools. Google Workspace for Education enables schools to work smarter and faster, and from anywhere and on a whole host of devices.

Google Workspace includes Hangouts and Gmail for communication, Drive for storage and Docs, Sheets, Slides and all manner of productivity and collaboration apps. Added to all this there's tools for schools, like Classroom for lesson organisation and management and the Admin portal where you can manage Chrome devices and your users.

Students excel when using G Suite for Education

Google Classroom

Give your teachers and students the ability to share files, tasks and assignments via an online, paperless platform. Classroom will enable you to streamline creating and distributing work, as well as enabling feedback and assessment, providing the same experience as if you where in the physical classroom.

Google for Communication

Gmail allows every student and teacher to access an email inbox, they can even be setup to only receive & deliver emails with other school users. And for when email won't do, there's Google Hangouts. It's a virtual meeting space for students and teachers that's ideal for student presentations and projects because you can screen share.

Google for Storage

All your online school life can be easily stored in Drive. Students and teachers can store their files: Doc, Sheets, Slides and more in Drive. You can quickly share documents and folders from your Drive. Admins can also create Shared Drives making collaboration even easier. And even better, when it comes to the Education sector, there's no storage limits!

Google for Productivity & Collaboration

With go-to Apps for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations: Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google Workspace's ideal. Students and teachers can work on the same document at the same time, make notes and see what each other is doing. This enables real-time collaboration making teamwork more engaging, fun and accessible.

New to Google Workspace? The productivity apps will open Microsoft documents too. Administrators can add more Apps to Google Workspace to enhance your online teaching and learning experience even further.

G Suite Education Tools

Google for Admins

You administer Google Workspace through a web browser via a central online portal. Your admins can create groups, users, OUs and more; either in bulk or through your existing MIS. You can also apply device, app and browser settings. Because Google Workspace enables you to set policies for select groups or all users, your teachers can focus on teaching and learning without needing to worry about IT.

Create a hybrid Google, Microsoft solution to suit your needs
Talk to us about Hybrid Solutions

Not sure a Google only solution is right for your learning environment?

That's okay. Maybe you want authentication and identity in Microsoft, or to have access to Outlook, no problem. If that's a better fit for your staff and students, we can build you a platform that's the best of both.

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TrilbyTV integrates perfectly with G Suite

As a Google for Education Partner, How Can We Help You?

We've got the skills and expertise to help you build, deploy and develop an infrastructure built on
Google Tools that's bespoke, designed specifically for your school's needs.

Whether you're looking to go completely Google, or a hybrid solution would
better fit your learning environment, we can help.

Get in touch today to talk through what you need.

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