Virtue’s Fundraising Impact: Supporting Derian House Children’s Hospice


Since 2021, Team Virtue has been on a mission to make a difference by backing Derian House Children’s Hospice.  

Derian House is a special place. They offer support to families dealing with life-limiting conditions in their children. It’s about more than just medical care; it’s about giving these kids and their families a chance to live life fully, despite the challenges. 

Now, about our fundraising efforts – we’ve been as diverse as it gets. We’ve trekked across the Lake District, pedalled through bike-a-thons, whipped up some sweetness with cake sales, indulged in curry days, and even kicked it on the field alongside local businesses in football tournaments. But that’s not all; we’ve amped up the fun with a Scalextric tournament, raffles, and our monthly Wheel of Fortune. It hasn’t just been about collecting money; it’s about having a blast while making a positive impact.  

These initiatives also enable our team members to collaborate and engage with one another in a unique and meaningful way. We have the opportunity to work together toward a great purpose and strengthen the bonds between us. These shared experiences not only enhance the overall workplace culture but also contribute to the development of lasting relationships, creating a supportive community within our organisation. 

Shoutout to our friends, family, and the companies that have had our back. Big thanks to Virgin Media, CTOUCH, Fujitsu, and InVentry for sponsoring our initiatives. With your help, we’ve raised £3,500. It’s awesome to see the support from our network and beyond. 

Looking back, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but we’re not slowing down. The New Year is right around the corner, and with it comes the announcement of our next charity for 2024-2026. Exciting times ahead! 

Our fundraising journey isn’t about being sappy or self-congratulatory. It’s about doing our bit to support a cause we believe in. Derian House has shown us the impact of community and compassion, and we’re all in for more of that. 

As we wrap up the year, we’re grateful for the support we’ve received. Here’s to more fundraisers, more impact, and the next charity adventure in the coming year.