The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Digital


November Blog - The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Digital

Given how fast the exchange of information takes place within the education sector, with regulations, guidance and teaching methods changing by the day, by the time a school has collated the information, created the media and had it printed, the information has already become outdated.

This has led to schools taking a momentous shift away from printed media and adopting digital communication methods, with digital signage being a large factor.

Faster Information Delivery

Digital signage gives schools an easier, more flexible way to communicate with anybody within their buildings. Staff, students, parents and visitors can be given the most up to date, live information without the need for costly printing of materials.

It has been shown that static signage is becoming less and less impactful, mainly due to the way we consume content in the modern age. Gone are the days of buying newspapers, magazines and seeing flyers and posters for the latest news and entertainment. Today we have giant video billboards on the streets and the internet and social media is where we get most of our news.

People expect to get all of their information digitally now, so it’s about time that schools and businesses caught up and embraced digital signage solutions.

More Bang for your Buck

Digital signage has been proven to have significant impact, delivering any message and really catching the attention of viewers. Recent studies show 83% of people will recall at least one piece of information they have seen on a digital sign in the previous thirty days, with just under half recalling three.
Digital content has also been shown to improve information recall, with one in five people passing on the information they saw on digital signage to other people.

When digital signage is used effectively, it increases engagement and immediately cuts costs by reducing paper & printer use.

Over the lifespan of a digital signage unit, schools can save thousands of pounds on paper, printer toner and maintenance. They are also better for the environment, producing less paper and plastic waste.

The flexibility and connectivity of digital signage means that you can get information out to a wider audience, quickly and effectively and can also target certain information to specified areas. If you have a digital sign in the staff room, you can put messages there that are different from the ones in the hallways or communal areas.

The Virtue Approach

Virtue Technologies will help you find the most cost effective, digital signage solution that’s easy to manage and up-to-date allowing you to deliver messages in real time without the need to go around swapping out printed materials.

With our specialist AV division KPMS, we are the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of Audio Visual goods and systems into schools and colleges.

We offer completely bespoke solutions; so, if you’re not sure what you need, just call ourthe team and we’ll be happy to offer you our free consultation.

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