Enterprise Wireless LAN

The Virtue approach

A school's success in launching digital learning will be directly impacted by the performance of its wireless LAN. A wireless LAN that cannot provide predictable performance and service in dense user environments, deliver high definition video, or provide reliable connectivity for critical on-line testing, will impact class time, create frustrated users, and turn users off from wanting to use the new program.

These issues disrupt classrooms and learning and slow down the adoption of new learning initiatives, which will impact the expected Return on Investment.

As more users, more devices, and more applications continue to flood your Wi-Fi network, you need enterprise-class Wi-Fi that delivers a superior experience for all users. Fortinet helps customers across an array of industries. By unlocking the true potential of 802.11 standards, Fortinet is the only company that puts networks in control, creating Virtualized Wireless LAN environments that deliver more reliability and flexibility — unleashing the power of mobility.

Student benefits:

  • Connectivity – 24x7x365 for students and devices – No Excuses
  • Mobility – Seamless device mobility across entire campus
  • Applications – VoIP, video & Multimedia

IT benefits:

  • Simplicity – Deployment, monitoring and management
  • Fast on boarding – of new students and their devices at start of new academic year, and throughout the year
  • Density – 500+ devices in close proximity

Gigabit WiFi - 802.11ac

Fortinet's virtualised wireless network architecture operates on a single channel, optimising usage of 802.11ac’s potential for higher throughput and capacity.

The result? An 802.11ac solution that is the fastest in the industry. With Fortinet’s 802.11ac intelligent Wi-Fi solution, your staff and students can get the speeds they demand, and enjoy uninterrupted learning by:

  • Leveraging Fortinet's unique single-channel architecture to take full advantage of the capabilities of 802.11ac
  • Enabling the most multimedia rich learning applications (streaming video, IPTV or screen mirroring with AirPlay)
  • Ensure reliability by dedicating wireless channels for specicifc applications based upon policy

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