Network Monitoring & Management SaaS

Introducing Virtue's Network Monitoring & Management SaaS powered by Solarwinds.

Customised for your school or college as an affordable SaaS solution, we deliver revolutionary network and host server monitoring with end-to-end visibility to monitor, predict and troubleshoot performance issues.

Virtue's Network Monitoring and Management SaaS is a powerful set of tools that offer you full visibility of your network infrastructure allowing you to proactively monitor IT resources.

The solution can monitor everything from VMware to your networks switches and will alert you when something isn't as expected. SMS messages can be created to ensure you are aware as soon as a server is unavailable or even send an email if an important device is low on resources. The core bundle supports up to 50 nodes and your virtual environment. This allows 50 network connected interfaces to be monitored from a single dashboard. Example interfaces include; switches, servers, storage and VMs. Performance issues are easily alerting you to potential problems before they happen.

Features & Benefits

Virtue's Network Monitoring and Management SaaS, is an application that is designed to detect and report network performance and availability in real time, whilst providing historical diagnostic and resolution capabilities for network problems.

Manages the following: switch ports, physical interfaces, sub-interfaces, VLANs, routers, switches, VMs, hosts, storage, virtual clusters and wireless controllers.

Fault Management & Availability Tools
View the status of nodes and interfaces from a single webpage. Every element is "hot" allowing you to immediately see the alert and drill into the router, switch, or server in question.

CPU, Memory, and Disk Space Monitoring
Monitor and set alerts on the CPU load and memory utilisation of your routers, Windows server and other devices.

Event & Alert Management Tools
With our solution, you can set thresholds for alerting on up/down, percent of bandwidth utilised, memory utilised, CPU utilised, disk space utilised, and much more. There are hundreds of possible configurations and parameters for alerting and reporting. We can alert you to issue on the dashboard, by sending an email or by SMS.

Watch a recording of our recent webinar about our Network Monitoring and Management solution. Our presenter, Will Stead, discussed the many benefits and features of our Network Monitoring & Management SaaS during a live demonstration:


I have been very impressed with Virtue right from our very first meeting. They demonstrated an understanding of our requirements and budget from the outset.

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