Mobile Device Management

We offer a solution that provides the combined management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from one secure, centralised dashboard. This enables you to enforce device security policies, deploy software and apps, and perform remote, live troubleshooting on thousands of managed devices.

Centrally Manage Mobile Devices, Macs, and PCs

The central system is intuitive and therefore requires no training or dedicated staff and works on any vendor’s network even when the managed devices are on the road or at home. This makes it easy to centrally manage applications on your iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. It also integrates with Apple and Google App Stores, and Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid, or Enterprise apps.

Enforce Restrictions & Deploy Network Settings

You can enforce policies across all mobile devices administered by your organisation and protect devices and their data, control their usage with company policies, and restrict access to features such as gaming and content. A selective data wipe can be utilised to remove enterprise data from lost or stolen devices.

You have the ability to define and deploy your own network settings like wireless connectivity, security settings, and remote VPN access to all your managed devices at once and even locate and track laptops and mobile devices where ever they might be.

The built-in inventory system simplifies the software license management even in multiplatform environments. Therefore, you can search and view details of all software and apps installed on your managed devices.


Enterprise Connectivity

Additionally, you can deploy wireless configuration, VPN, and Exchange email settings to mobile devices from the central dashboard and the introduction of new devices is simplified by configuring SSID security and authentication settings.

ActiveSync email settings such as domain, encryption, and stored mail history duration can also be synchronised across managed devices. Streamline client VPN setup by pre-configuring server information, tunnelling protocols, and encryption settings right from the dashboard. Cloud management enables efficient device enrolment, facilitating 1:1 and BYOD initiatives.

Remote Troubleshooting & Live Tools

Manage common requests for devices, like remotely clearing a passcode or even erasing data in the event it's compromised. Start remote desktop, take a screenshot, and reboot or shutdown Macs and PCs. Use the central dashboard to selectively wipe a device, removing apps, connectivity, and security settings, but keeping the device enrolled.

Automatically monitor devices 24×7 via the cloud. Set email alerts to immediately notify administrators of device outage, unauthorised software or app installation, or removal.

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Mobile Device Management lets us easily and effectively manage the iPads distributed throughout the district–with a focus on student safety and maximizing the learning potential of these devices.