New Year, New Skills


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With the ever-evolving ICT requirements of schools, it can sometimes be left up to the staff to get themselves up to speed with the latest technology and software releases.

This leads to some staff members feeling under more pressure as they attempt to learn skills that may not come naturally to them. They have to put more of their free time into learning and this can lead to them becoming stressed or unhappy in their jobs.

How can Virtue Technologies help?

Virtue Technologies has been working with some of the leading training providers in the UK for many years, building a strong portfolio of training courses and workshops that are designed to make it easy for staff to get to grips with technology.

Our highly qualified team of enhanced DBS-checked trainers work with Microsoft, Google, Apple and others to deliver training in the classroom and at our local office.

At Virtue Technologies we understand and embrace the importance of continuing professional development and know that in order to give your staff the ability to maximise student potential they need training that gives them confidence with technology.

Virtue Technologies Education Consultancy

Virtue Technologies can also work with you to carry out a thorough skills audit and provide a strategic development plan which will provide a framework for your school’s ICT developments going forward.
Software specific Workshops

We work closely with you to create bespoke workshops for your school, covering any of the major companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and IOS.

All workshops are tailored to your specialism, experience and ability with a range of modules which can be delivered as short, medium or long sessions. They are all delivered by highly experienced technical professionals, and where applicable, Microsoft master instructors.

At Virtue Technologies we believe that high-quality training will ensure that technology is utilised to its full potential.

Technical Training

We have the largest choice of technical training courses available and have picked a variety of courses popular for network managers that will help deliver a successful school network.
For more information about all of our training workshops and courses, and how we can help your school get the best outcomes for everyone visit our website.