My Apprenticeship at Virtue. 


abstract technology apprenticeship
by Wiktor – Apprentice Support Engineer 

Starting a new job as an apprentice is an exciting yet challenging experience. As I began this journey, I discovered that it was a time of growth, learning, and self-discovery.  

I am now just finishing my 5th week here at Virtue Technologies, I must say that I am really enjoying the experience so far. My passion for the IT industry has found its place here, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity. Being a new starter, I am still mostly training and trying to learn more in order to be a more efficient worker whether that’s asking questions, asking people to run me through processes or simply just watching someone complete a case. I have learned how to do some tasks and already have some of my own responsibilities such as triage or managing the data backups for the week. 

In my opinion it is important for any type of job to have a good relationship with your colleagues and from day one, I’ve felt warmly welcomed by my colleagues, not just in my team but across the entire company. Everyone here has a positive attitude, and it feels like being part of one large family where you can have a friendly conversation with anyone at any given time. I have joined the company at a really stressful and busy time, where everyone is having to work harder than ever to keep up with the number of tickets, we are receiving everyday, yet people are still more than happy to help out when stuck or unsure about work. 

Alongside my work I am also an apprentice, so I am to complete a level 4 network engineering course, I have been allocated time from my work to focus on this apprenticeship work and to learn more about networking in specific which is a great opportunity for growth in general. Some of my colleagues have already finished said course and have offered me support whenever I require it with my work. But in order to be successful and stay on top of the apprenticeship work, it’s important to have goals set which can help stay motivated and see the progress I make. This has been made easy for me as all my goals are clearly listed alongside my progress throughout the course so I am able to see how I am getting along at any time. 
One of the main things I have learnt in this job is the importance of feedback. Whenever I have made a mistake my colleagues are able to point it out to me whilst remaining positive and explaining where I went wrong. This is a key part of personal and professional growth and I very quickly realised just how important and constructive feedback is. On the contrary, plenty of my successes were celebrated no matter how small they may have seemed, whether it was making my first phone call to a client or closing my first case independently. It has given me a great sense of achievement and kept me motivated with my work. 

In conclusion, my time as a new starter and apprentice at Virtue Technologies has been a remarkable period of self-discovery and growth. The thrill of the IT industry, the support of my colleagues, the pursuit of learning, and the importance of feedback have all played crucial roles in shaping this exciting chapter of my career. I look forward to the challenges and successes that lie ahead on this incredible journey.