Engage, Enchant, Educate


September Blog - Engage, Enchant, Educate.

CTOUCH is a market-leading interactive display manufacturer focused on designing and building large-format touch displays and interactive touch solutions.
This is technology which enhances effective group collaboration and can improve enhance teaching by supporting kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learners.

Virtue Technologies are proud to partner with CTOUCH because, like us, they’re continuously future-focused, investing in new technologies to produce future-oriented products that add true value to our customers.

Like us, they want students to experience education that helps them craft 21st century skills. Their displays help to transform any classroom into a modern learning environment; from gamification and hybrid learning to virtual classrooms, CTOUCH can support it, delivering fun interactive education.

Advantages of Touch

We promote CTOUCH because they provide the flexibility of software, platforms and operating systems which means your teachers can teach in a way that works for them.
Touch screens don’t just make lessons more effective, meaningful and fun, so we thought we’d tell you a few more advantages of Touch in the classroom.
Promotes Engagement
Students are so used to dynamic content in their everyday lives so having touch screen technology in the classroom allows them to learn in a familiar and engaging way.
Stimulates Teacher Creativity
Teachers can present their lessons in a new, fun and interactive way with a whole host of content literally at their fingertips.

Encourage Teamwork and Inclusion

Screens are able to handle 32 points of touch so multiple students can work in a collaborative way. Students can write their ideas straight onto the screen.

Easy to Use

Using a touchscreen is as easy as using your phone or tablet. With a quick press of a button you have access to an incredible amount of content. Making teaching a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.
Modern Technology Inspires
In a rapidly evolving digital world, everything moves along faster, and with the use of touch screens we can prepare students even better for the future.

Makes Life Easier

You no longer have to take hours preparing PowerPoint presentations. Subject specific content is available at your fingertips.

Improves Collaboration for your Familiar Resources

Apps such as Kahoot!, Microsoft Office, Wikipedia and UboardMate have been optimised for touch, meaning you get even better results while it’s more fun for students to work together.

Bring Students & Teachers Together

Whether at home or at school a touchscreen has the capability to engage in-class and remote learners simultaneously.

To find out more about CTouch screens and how they can help in your school, or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch with us today.