Back to School – Embracing a New Academic Adventure


Heading back to school affects everyone, regardless of whether you work in Education or currently have a child in Education. Your morning commute, for one, is about to get busier.

School IT Infrastructure Ready

Here, at Virtue HQ, our Support Engineers are bracing themselves ahead of the new academic year. They will be on hand to assist with a smooth integration between staff, students and teachers, and the new and upgraded technology that our Installations teams have been implementing in classrooms up and down the country over the summer holidays.

Since July, we have installed Touchscreens in the place of white boards & projectors (or acetate and OHPs for those who are old enough to remember). We have configured firewalls to ensure that sensitive data is protected from external threat and that students are equipped to learn in a safe online environment. We have upgraded telecommunications to VoIP, in time for the 2025 switchover. We have also been helping schools with their Visitor Management to support the safeguarding of children & staff.

It goes without saying: technology is very much integral to all aspects of school life. So, if you need someone to help you find the solution to a problem, we can offer guidance and advice. Building lasting relationships with our customers is at the heart of everything we do at Virtue. No pushy sales tactics, just genuine people ready to talk through your needs and find a way to help.

Team Virtue’s School Dinner Nostalgia

We went back in time and caught up with a few members of Team Virtue to find out their best and worst school dinners…

Sarah’s favourite dinner was Lunchables with chocolate cupcakes making the perfect dessert. She would trade yogurt choobs with her friends as they were watery!

Joe loved cheese and cucumber sandwiches, or cheese and ham. They had to be on buttered barm cakes though. One of Joe’s friends would bring in iced gems and everyone would compete for them as his friend was not a big fan of them.

Dan’s favourite school dinner was a cheese swirl with lumpy mash followed by chocolate sponge and illuminous mint custard for dessert. He would try and trade his rice pudding with his friends!

Gail’s favourite school dinner was sausage and lumpy mash with watery gravy followed by sprinkles sponge cake with pink custard. She would always make sure she cleaned her plate because the dinner ladies were scary!

Ashley’s favourite school dinner was fish and chips as it was the nicest meal that the school did and the fact it was on a Friday meant that it signified the start of the weekend!

Chris’s favourite school dinner was turkey twizzlers mash and beans, followed by magic sponge cake and custard for dessert!

These days school officials and parents focus even more on nutrition and sustainability of food that the children are having for their lunch. There are increased educational initiatives to encourage good eating habits in children from early years. With the right balance of deliciousness, nutrition, and education, the healthy school lunches are contributing to the well-being and future of the UK’s younger generation.

End of Summer

Summer holidays are coming to end, new academic year starting with children’s excitement of reuniting with school friends, sharing their stories from summer breaks.

Teachers rushing in preparations of lesson plans, classroom decorations, and curriculum adjustments to create an engaging and nurturing learning environment.

By providing continuous technological enhancements and offering nutritious meals, schools unlock a brighter future for students. This creates personalised learning experiences in a healthy environment that supports student’s growth and success.