Upgrades to our system

New Year, New VoIP!

Well not quite, but 2020 has been a year of change for our VoIP solution. The infrastructure upgrades and enhancements we've been making, mean our feature-rich hosted telephony solution is still cost-effective and even more reliable - and easier for us to deliver to you efficiently.

Virtue Hosted Telephony Service

Education starts with communication

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communications technology in which voice calls, video and data, are all transmitted over the internet, a great alternative to traditional landline phone services.

Is it hosted telephony or VoIP? & what's the difference?

Standard VoIP links to an on-premise central control unit (a physical box/server on the wall). While we usually call our solution VoIP, it's actually hosted telephony. In a hosted VoIP solution, such as ours, all the hardware and software needed to run your school comms system is located off-site, owned and maintained by us.

Virtue Technologies' VoIP Hosted Telephony Solution

What are the benefits of a VoIP solution?

Learning environments are being encouraged to adopt more technology alongside placing a premium on communication and collaboration, in both the classroom and the community. Yet, the financial resources needed are continually reducing. Switching your school phone system to a hosted VoIP solution can go a long way toward helping you adapt and evolve.

Our hosted telephony uses cloud-based technology to provide schools and colleges with a cost-effective, reliable, flexible and user-friendly communications system to maximise functionality whilst minimising costs.

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Easy to adopt, deploy and scale, Virtue's VoIP solution will enable you to create a more connected and collaborative learning environment whilst also reducing costs to help you deliver against your tightening budgets.

VoIP eliminates the need for a separate voice network. All you need is a high-speed broadband connection and IP-enabled phones or devices.

VoIP will also give your administrators and teachers access to a wide variety of applications and tools for better network management and more productive collaboration.

As educational demands expand and budgets contract, VoIP is increasing gaining traction among all manner of schools, colleges and universities because of the benefits it can bring.

What makes adopting VoIP easier for the Education sector?

  • The increased availability of high-capacity bandwidth
    (talk to us about your internet, we're an ISP too)
  • The high costs associated with traditional voice-related services
  • The advanced communication, collaboration and productivity,
    capabilities that are only available through VoIP
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There's so much you can do with VoIP

Virtue's Key VoIP Features

Cost Saving

  • Free calls to any phone on your network, across your school or trust
  • Low cost calls to non-IP phones
  • Low cost setup & initial outlay


  • Use your phone anywhere with an internet connection
  • Keep your existing numbers, including direct dials & your fax number
  • Add users on any site as your network grows

Simple Management

  • Easy to set up – it's just plug & play
  • Monthly itemised billing as standard
  • Web-based management system


  • Supported by Virtue Engineers on our friendly Help Desk
  • Ongoing updates via the Cloud
  • UK based infrastructure, services & support

Controlling your calls

Manage your lines effectively using Communicator and the mobile app Communicator GO

Manage your lines through Communicator
Manage your lines through the Communicator GO App

Virtue VoIP Frequently Asked Questions...

How Many Lines Will We Get?

Our Hosted Telephony Service eliminates the need for traditional phone lines and the costs associated with them. This makes the solution more flexible, cost-effective and robust.

Our VoIP gives you the ability to make concurrent outbound calls on every single extension whilst allowing for up to 10 incoming calls at a time.

N.B. Options are available to increase the amount of incoming lines if required.

The 'Tech Talk': We use the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to control your VoIP calls.

What's the Call Quality Like?

It's based on your internet connection.

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we understand that the call quality of VoIP systems is dependent upon your broadband connection.

We prioritise voice traffic across our entire network, so as long as you've got broadband with us too (and has sufficient bandwidth*) you'll experience HD call quality. In fact, it'll exceed that of traditional phone systems.

* We'd class "sufficient bandwidth" as approx. 1MB upload and 1MB download if you require the system to handle 10 concurrent calls.

What About My Phone and DDI numbers?

We’ll transfer your main school or college number into our service free of charge.

Additional or DDI numbers are available as an option. We can even add non-geographical numbers and your fax number if its required.

When it comes to your actual physical handsets, we've got a range of options based on the needs of the user. A phone in your classrooms doesn't need the same options and features as the one in your reception!

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