Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

When disaster strikes a school it can be a particularly time consuming process to recover essential services as quickly as possible. Schools can come under intense scrutiny from the media, parents and the wider public during an incident. It can be an extremely stressful time with negative media attention for failing to prepare, increased recovery times impacting on pupil's education and angry parents demanding answers.

The Facts

  • One in eight schools suffers a serious arson attack with nearly a third of all fires starting during term time.
  • It is estimated that the education of 90,000 children is disrupted by fire in schools each year
  • According to the Environment Agency, the national flood risk assessment identified that one in 14 businesses, including schools, are at risk of flooding

These alarming figures highlight the frequency of risks that a school is vulnerable to. Planning now before disaster strikes should be seen as a top priority. Whilst it is necessary to have in place incident management plans to safeguard those in the school's care, this is only half the story. Once the immediate incident has been resolved, what happens next? What is your plan for staff and students to continue working?

The Solution

Virtue Technologies look beyond the immediate impact and focus on recovering the schools critical servers and data as quickly as possible. With our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution you can have your IT systems fully operational with access to staff and student data within 24hours of a disaster taking place.

Furthermore, as your servers and data are recovered to our secure cloud, you can access them from any location, using any device.

Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution will minimise disruption to student's education and support all staff in returning the school to normal operations in no time! Don't leave yourself vulnerable, integrate the Virtue Technologies Cloud Disaster Recovery solution into your school's business continuity plan today.

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