Servers, Storage, Backup and Server Virtualization

The Virtue approach

The Virtue approach brings together the best in new technologies to enable you to leverage your existing server investment to reduce costs and improve your green credentials. It enables your organisation to enjoy cost-effective and small footprint solutions that provide a secure and stable infrastructure that is flexible enough to cope with evolving future requirements. This covers:

  • Servers – tower, rack and blade solutions
  • Storage – NAS, DAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN
  • Backup – disk, tape and off-site solutions with de-duplication
  • Server virtualization – utilising both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-v technologies


We offer a comprehensive range of server solutions that can meet any organisational need. From tower servers with integrated tape drives for smaller deployments, through to high-power rack servers for handling Microsoft-based and virtual host applications. For large virtual host machines, thin client deployments and space saving requirements we can provide blade servers that will deliver a manageable, flexible and energy-efficient solution to your growing server needs.

Virtue offers a full design and consultation service that covers all aspects of your server requirements and includes:

  • Cabinet & Rack systems
  • UPS and power provision solutions
  • KVM solutions


The increase in data has led to the management of storage to become more costly and complex. Virtue offers a number of resilient and scalable storage platforms that will help to simplify operations and provide an infrastructure for virtual server deployments. These include:

  • Network attached (NAS) and direct attached (DAS) file, print & backup storage solutions
  • iSCSI and Fibre channel SAN solutions
  • Array to Array data replication for disaster recovery


Every organisation, irrespective of size, needs an effective backup strategy. Fortunately, there are now a wide variety of technologies and solutions available. We have partnered with the leading backup solution providers to enable us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of backup solutions, including:

  • Cost effective standard tape and disk-to-disk-to-tape solutions utilising products such as Symantec backup exec and Microsoft data protection manager
  • Protection for virtual environments from providers such as Veeam
  • Data de-duplication solutions to reduce the size, speed and complexity of backups
  • Off-site backup solutions for critical data such as our Primary Cloud Backup Solution

Server virtualization

Virtualization allows one computer to do the job of many by sharing its resources across multiple environments. As well as providing energy savings and lower capital costs due to more efficient use of hardware resources, virtualisation also delivers high availability, better desktop management, increased security and improved disaster recovery capability.

We offer virtualization solutions based on the 2 leading technologies:

VMware vSphere - able to manage large pools of virtualized computing infrastructure, including software and hardware. The essentials plus bundle offers highly-featured virtualization software at an affordable price.

vSphere 5 offers improved disaster recovery capability and high availability through VMotion that enables the live migration of running virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime.

As a VMware professional partner, our certified engineers can offer a full design and capacity planning service that will combine your server, storage, backup into an integrated solution. In addition we offer specialist installation and support options, designed to ensure you get the maximum return from your VMware investment.

Microsoft Hyper-v - provides a reliable and optimised virtualization solution enabling organisations to improve server utilisation and reduce costs. It easily plugs into an existing Windows Server environment, leveraging your existing investment and processes. It offers: host clustering, live migration, large memory support up to 1TB and support for up to 8 processors.

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