Remote Access

The Virtue approach

The need to provide flexible access to school ICT resources is an important factor in delivering a flexible learning environment. The costs of setting up, securing and managing this access can be high if not approached in the right way. Virtue can help you with this - our solution provides flexibility to staff and students by allowing them to connect to files and folders whilst running programs such as SIMS and Microsoft Office, irrespective of device or location.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Microsoft Remote Desktop App provides easy access to a variety of devices and platforms including Windows, Windows RT, iOS, Mac OS X and Android.

Providing a leading Windows experience, RemoteApp provides a consistent and rich user experience whilst delivering high performance, even on lower powered clients (e.g. older netbooks).

With RemoteApp, remote applications run side by side with local applications and integrate with the Start Menu or Screen in Windows or the OS X Finder - so they are easier for users to find and launch.

remote access

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microsoft remote desktop

Access to school servers, files and applications

Use any device - iOS, Android, Windows RT, Mac OS X and Windows

Remote Programs behave and appear like local applications