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(Client/ End-user Devices)

When we talk about a 'client' or end-user device, we're talking about a piece of computer hardware that accesses a server via a network. Put more simply, we're talking about the device - desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, 2-in-1 - that your staff and students use to access your school server to gain access to the software and applications they need to teach and learn.

Here at Virtue Technologies we've got a wealth of experience in helping schools, colleges and MATs identify the best solutions for their academic organisation as a whole. In fact, we've made it our duty to find the very best computers, laptops and tablets for education - plus all the essential accessories - at affordable prices. We've worked with education environments large and small; across Primary, Secondary, Higher and Further Education all sectors, meaning we can help you ensure that you find the most suitable computers, monitors, servers, storage and much more.

When it comes to buying a new computer for school it's a vastly different process for buying yourself a new desktop PC or laptop for use at home. Decision-makers within the school or college need to factor in the various needs, requirements and preferences of their users to ensure that staff and students are able to work efficiently and effectively while also minimising any downtime during the installation process and any issues with the switchover between manufacturers and operating systems.

Technology, computers and IT equipment are at the heart of most schools, colleges and universities these days. At Virtue Technologies, we can help your students get ahead and prepare for the future by providing the very best technology for education, including desktop PCs, monitors and accessories at competitive prices.

Whatever you're looking for in a new PC; desktop, laptop or tablet the team here at Virtue Tech are on-hand to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. From complete computer suite refurbishments to individual laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s, we can help you to pick out the most suitable makes and models for you and your budget. Regardless of whether you're a fan of Windows, Chrome or Apple, our team of experts will help you to choose the device that best meets the needs of your school. To discuss your options or get a quote, speak with us today.

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Our range of computing products for the education sector will help your staff and students to enjoy sharper graphics, faster devices and the most effective desktop solutions to complement or upgrade your existing setup. From professional 4K monitors to desktop PC deals you'll get the latest and greatest tech by speaking with one of our account managers today.

We've got a wide range of desktop PCs including the most innovative and stylish all in one desktop PCs and traditional desktops from the world's leading brands including Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Samsung and many more. If that's not enough we can also provide you with the most powerful, stylish monitors and accessories to maximise your offices and computer rooms while helping you to save space - and money - at the same time. Talk to our experts at Virtue about our latest deals on desktop PCs and monitors today.

Laptops & Tablets

Are you in desperate need of a new Windows laptops so you can implement blended learning? Perhaps you're looking for an Android tablet or iPad so that your students can quickly and easily make adjustments to their latest piece of work? Virtue Technologies will help you find great offers on laptops and tablets designed with education in mind. Our product range includes everything from iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface Pro to the most stylish laptops ever produced by the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu and many more.

Provide the freedom to work and learn anytime and anywhere, with some of the latest features and technologies; all of our education laptops and tablets we recommend have been compiled working with our partners to ensure that you've got the very best laptops and tablets for education on the market today; plus a host of accessories including chargers, carry cases and docking stations.

PC Accessories

Having invested in the latest computers, laptops or tablets for your school, college or MAT; you want to ensure that you get the best possible performance and return on your investment. In order to maximise your staff and students' efficiency, we've compiled some of the most in-demand PC peripherals available with great deals to choose from here at Virtue.

We can provide and recommend a wide array of ergonomic keyboards, mice, headphones and headsets, webcams, USB hubs and much more from some of the world's leading brands. In addition to providing our education customers with high-quality PC peripherals, we can also help to install them for you to minimise your downtime and maximise your productivity.

If you're exploring education continuity options and shoring-up your school's ability to deliver online learning, talk to us about video conferencing and input devices.

If you need to add to, or update your Client Devices, We Can Help!

Whether you're looking for desktops, all-in-ones, laptops, tablets or 2-in-ones; we'll build a competitive quote for you. If you're looking for a new or refurbished piece of kit, or even parts, our Account Managers and Sales Team will be able to talk you through your options and help you find the best solution for your staff and students.

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