Why is Digital Signage so important?

of Content is Retained
when in a Digital Format vs. Paper Formats

You can engage your school community with content that's Timely, Useful and Engaging.

Digital signage is a network of screens that show content to those walking by in a passive, non-intrusive way, so make the content they see deliberate. Make it eye-catching, make it interesting and make it relevant to the screen's audience.

Digital Signage enhances the first impression of your school or college for potential staff, students, parents and even Ofsted inspectors.

Create content that students and staff truly want to see.

Unlike emails, handouts, lessons, a VLE or even mobile apps, Digital Signage isn't content that’s forced on your students or staff. Instead, it’s content that’s designed to grab attention and provide useful information or services to anyone in the vicinity.

Digital Signage's power lies in the fact that it's important messaging delivered through a passive medium that can be easily and regularly repeated. That's why it's critical that your school finds a digital signage solution that's cost-effective as well as easy-to-manage and easy-to-update, this will make it more inclusive and therefore more widely adopted across your school.

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How are you using Digital Signage in your learning environment

Can't Digital Signage be costly? How do I convince all the stakeholders in my school it's worth it?

The value that digital signage brings is more than worth the outlay. And if you work with Virtue, we'll find the most cost-effective way to adopt a solution that's ideal for you. Whether that means repurposing existing kit and moving screens to get more from them or investing in new screens and giving you the ability to easily scale the solution, we can help.

Relevant, up-to-date content will be viewed

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, people don't look at signage that's out of date and doesn't get updated, therefore some would argue it's not needed. When digital signage is used effectively, it engages staff & students alike.

Invest in digital signage that enables you to: adapt & change content anytime, from anywhere; improve learning & align students with world events; let students learn about digital communications, marketing & graphic design and help your school go digital & give power to faculty members. & you'll see results.

Digital Signage cuts costs

The installation & use of digital signage can immediately cuts costs by reducing paper & printer use. Over the lifespan of a digital signage unit, your school could save thousands of pounds on paper as well as printer toner and maintenance.

You may also be able to reduce or eliminate the need to advertise events in local newspapers etc. and therefore reduce your advertising spend.

Digital signage enhances the learning experience

Due to the increase in the availability of mobile devices, students are used to technology, introducing digital signage to your learning environment will help enthuse them in a classroom or lecture theatre setting. Visual stimulation is more appealing, especially if students are empowered to contribute and share their work too.

The digital signage system you implement doesn’t need to be complex. All you need is a screen, media player, maybe protection for your display, then you’re pretty much all set.

Can Digital Signage Really Improve my School?

In a word, yes. Your can use Digital Signage to...

Information Dissemination
Improve safety
Additional revenue stream

Improve information dissemination

Particular useful for large High Schools and Colleges, you can distribute targeted information quickly. Having a network of digital signage displays positioned strategically enables you to display multiple messages, simultaneously targeting the right audience in the right location.

Your content can reach staff, students and visitors, everything from canteen menus to promoting events can be displayed using digital signage.

Improve your image

When first impressions count, digital signage will help make you memorable. Imagine, prospective parents and students being greeted by an eye-catching signage display, showcasing the work of students and proudly displaying your achievements when they enter your reception.

A strong image will also motivate your current students, it can boost morale and self-esteem. Help students feel recognised, what student doesn’t want their achievements taking centre stage?

Improve safety

There's little else in your education environment that can distribute information as widely and speedily. In the event of a fire, for example, because digital signage is across all areas of your school, it can serve as an exit guidance system.

Following Covid-19, we've also seen how digital signage can continually remind people about safety including washing hands more regularly, and staying socially distanced.

As a revenue stream

Installing a digital signage network gives you the opportunity to rent out time and space on displays of your choice. For example, on a college or university campus, there are businesses that would pay to deliver a targeted advertising campaign to your student demographic.

By making some of your digital signage available for rent you can make a return on investment. The revenue generated could even boost your academic institutions’s coffers.

As Educators, What are your Experiences with Signage?

TrilbyTV are passionate about constantly improving digital signage for education, and they know the best way to learn more is to speak to education staff themselves.

These signage stats are the result of a questionnaire filled out by visitors at an education show they attended in 2019...

Are Creating Digital Content
on a Daily or Weekly Basis

< 50%
Are Using Signage to
Showcase Digital Content

Have Some Type of
Digital Signage in Place

9 / 10
Agree Digital Signage is
Perfect for Digital Content

Trust the Digital Signage Experts

The team at TrilbyTV understand the importance of the right content being showcased in the right places. The staff room screen isn't the same as your reception one, and the canteen content needs to differ from the corridor. Each audience and space will want different messaging at different times - that's the best way to utilise signage and increase engagement with it.

TrilbyTV in your school's reception
TrilbyTV in your school's staff room

Your Reception Area

Your reception area's the first place your visitors, parents and staff see. Use a signage screen to celebrate the students' and schools' success, showcase what's coming up in your academic calendar. Remember, first impressions matter, so make them memorable for the right reasons.

Your reception screen promotes all the reasons your school's a hub for learning and why it's a great place for your staff and students to be.

Your Staff Room

A screen in your staff room's got many uses. Aside from using it to present at weekly staff briefings, you can add messaging to deliver light CPD, share best practice and school success, all of which will help you build a strong school community.

Social feeds from industry-leading organisations and popular educators can help spark conversations while also keeping your staff up-to-date.

TrilbyTV in your school's canteen
TrilbyTV in your school's corridors

Your Dining Hall or Canteen

You can use your screen in the canteen for more than simply showing the lunch menu. The popularity of TV shows like MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off mean you've got a great opportunity to get students exciting about cooking, baking and making healthy choices.

Ask your catering team/ provider or your food tech department to show off their skills, with photos of their food & menus. You could also use Twitter feeds from places like Change4Life to help promote healthy choices and active lifestyles.

Your Corridors

Hallways and Corridors are the most used areas of most school sites. Screens in these areas can help lead learning, showing relevant subject led content and showcasing some of the best pieces of work. However, viewing time is minimal in these areas so it's important to use dynamic, up-to-date content.

These screens are great for showing important reminders, photos of school trips and inspirational quotes. They're great to announce future events and celebrate competition winners too.

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