Training Courses & Workshops

Virtue Technologies have teamed up with some of the leading and innovative IT training partners in the UK.

Our trainers work with Microsoft, Google, Apple and many more vendors delivering teacher and student lessons in the classroom and at our local office. Our trainers are mainly ex-educators with a passion for teaching and learning -all are Enhanced DBS checked and ready to jump in and start sharing their vast experience and knowledge.

At Virtue Technologies we understand the importance of developing teacher and student
confidence with technology. Training and a sound programme of CPD is essential element of the
overall solution, empowering you to maximise the potential of any technology.

To bring you the best training and educational support available, we have created a wide range of
bespoke workshops that can be fully tailored to suit you.

Virtue Technologies Education Consultancy

Working with our leading education consultants, we will help your school to produce an ICT Vision to support the development of your wider educational aims and help you transform learning, teaching and administration.

We will work with your school to produce an ICT vision document which will provide the basis for the development of the overall ICT across your school and beyond. The vision will be recognised through a strategic development plan based upon the outcomes of skills audit.

It will also shape your ICT strategy, providing you with a framework for all ICT developments in this area. Most importantly, this vision for ICT will become an embedded feature of your school’s day to day practice, achieved over the next few years.

Microsoft Office 365 Workshops

Our Microsoft workshops are bespoke to your school and delivered by Microsoft Master instructors (MMIs) and Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS). Our workshops are designed to ensure that you can get the most out of the tools available, with a focus on collaboration, creativity, workflow and apps that support learning from KS1 through to KS5.

The workshops are tailored to your phase, specialism, experience and ability. We have a range of modules which can be delivered as short, medium or long sessions. The workshop is always designed in collaboration with the school.

Google & Chrome Workshops

Our Google & Chrome Workshops are bespoke to you. With over a decade of training on the Google ecosystem, our workshops are designed to ensure that you can get the most out of the tools available, with a focus on reducing costs, 'cloud', and BYOD. Our workshops are tailored to your phase specialism, experience and ability. We have several core modules which can be delivered as short or long sessions. The workshop is designed by you.

Apple & iOS Workshops

At Virtue Technologies we believe that training plays a vital role when implementing Apple technologies into a school. Investment in high quality CPD, focused around the overall learning and teaching vision, will ensure that all Apple technologies are utilised to their absolute full potential.

When technology becomes as ‘second nature’ to an educator as their subject knowledge and understanding of pedagogy, the potential for learning transformation quickly becomes a reality.

Technical Training

We offer technical training courses, delivered from both our in-house technical team and our preferred partners. All courses can be custom delivered to ensure you get the most of the training.

We have partnered with QA to offer you the largest choice of IT courses available from a single training company at a reduced rate. QA is now the largest and most established provider of technical IT training in the UK and deliver 2 thirds of Microsoft courses taken every year. Their quality is reinforced by a Triple-A guarantee, ensuring they continually receive awards for the quality of their services, all their courses are fully Accredited, and they always go the extra mile to assure your success.

We have picked a range of popular courses for network managers that will help you deliver a successful school network.

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