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About Paxton With over 30 years of experience, Paxton design and manufacture market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings across all types of businesses and organisations.
Although they're based primarily in the UK with a head office in Brighton, Paxton products and solutions are trusted all over the world, used across 60 countries in over 25,000 buildings.

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30 years
experience designing & manufacturing market-leading security solutions.

buildings each year are secured
around the globe with Paxton products.

countries worldwide have Paxton products exported to them.

Why Paxton in Education?

Creating security solutions for businesses and specifically for education

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There's a great deal of pressure on school leadership to ensure security. They're responsible for ensuring the safety of all their employees and students when using their facilities. As well as protecting property and equipment from damage or theft.

Paxton systems offer a user-friendly solution that can provide benefits far beyond simply securing doors; offering peace of mind to all your pupils, their parents, visitors and your staff.

  • Prevent unauthorised persons from entering the school
  • Automated door open & close times for school hours
  • Flexibility to manage changing schedules of a busy campus

Paxton offer several solutions, choose the best one for your building

  • Access Control
    A secure, flexible and convenient way of controlling who can access your building, and when
  • Wireless Door Handles
    Designed with security built-in, they can be installed by themselves or as part of a wider solution
  • Door Entry
    Validate a visitor at the entry panel before you grant them access via the internal monitor through 3 simple components; external panel, door control unit and internal monitor.
  • Video Surveillance
    Providing a visual overview of your premises for increased site security.
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Managing your building

Access control enables your students, staff and visitors to move freely around a building, whilst also ensuring specific areas, like offices and staff rooms, benefit from higher security. Paxton can even be used as an effective registration tool, providing easy, automated reporting of who is on site.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Customise Dashboard Views
  • ‘On the go’ System Management
  • Card Designer
  • Reports
  • Anti-passback
Paxton lock & access control on a door
Paxton door access control options

Setting access rights

Depending on the solution you pick, access permissions can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Paxton solutions can help you manage your site with a range of access permissions.

  • New user registration
  • Multiple user groups
  • Emergency lockdown
  • Door entry

Automated security settings

Automation enables you to run your building efficiently, gaining more from your system than just a security solution.

  • Auto expiration dates – indicate the time period that a user’s access is valid.
  • Roll call – set your system to generate an automatic roll call report when the fire alarm goes off.
  • Energy-saving readers – help keep costs down by switching off lights, air conditioning & electrical equipment when the room is empty or school's closed.
Paxton enables a safe environment for your students
Paxton integration options & opportunity

Integrating the system

Integrating your access control solution with other systems can make your building more streamlined and secure.
Options include: Cashless vending, wireless door handles seamlessly integrate with a range of other manufacturers including CCTV, biometrics, visitor management and intruder and fire alarm systems.
To learn more about InVentry integrations, click here.

Paxton software allows users to manage systems from one central platform, making administration simple and straightforward.

See How Paxton and InVentry Work Perfectly Together

Paxton & InVentry Integration Overview

InVentry's integration with Paxton means that businesses can populate their Paxton system and users directly through InVentry. Meanwhile, schools with an MIS are only required to enter information once for it to be automatically added to both systems.

This not only simplifies the new user process for your admin staff but also reduces workload when removing them. Their Paxton access will be instantly disabled after their data's deleted from InVentry.

The integration of Paxton and InVentry also enables you to trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader with a single swipe, and you can assign temporary door access cards to visitors or those pre-booked on InVentry.

Paxton & InVentry integration
InVentry Access Invitation - Mobile Phone View

Access Invitations

Access Invitations are an exciting newly released InVentry feature for Paxton integrations. This allows customers to pre-book visitors through the InVentry system as normal, however, the new Access Invitation also includes a link to open the site’s Paxton door or barrier upon arrival. You can also set timing restrictions on each invitation in-line with when a visitor's due to arrive and leave; to further ensure your site's security!

  • Sign into InVentry via your Paxton reader
  • Trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader
  • Populate your Paxton system directly through InVentry
  • Assign temporary door access cards to pre-booked visitors
  • Automatically disable Paxton access when a user is disabled or removed from InVentry

Want to learn more about InVentry? Check out our page all about the sign-in solution.

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