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Switch on your Signage with TrilbyTV.

Looking for a new, effective and simple-to-use digital signage tool? Look no further than TrilbyTV, it's the solution for you. You can say goodbye to clocks, news feeds and static slideshows.

Bring your school reception area, canteen and corridors to life. Use your signage effectively by displaying engaging content made by your students alongside announcements and reminders.

Getting started is easy, it'll take less than 10 minutes. Download the app, grab your hardware and plug it into your digital signage screen. Then simply upload, approve and playback!

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A Video Introduction to TrilbyTV from the Creators Themselves.

Meet Neil and Ben as they take you through a whistle-stop tour of the features and functionality that TrilbyTV offers via Malmesbury C of E Primary School.

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How does it work?



Use the App on either your iPad, a Chrome device, or even simply through the website to upload video content & select a category.



Get your content approved for playback. It's easy - just a tap from a moderator, who could be a student or a teacher.



Your content will playback on your digital signage. Simply install the player app on your hardware: PC, Chromecast, iPad, or AppleTV.

TrilbyTV shared education based content, directly on the platform's homepage

A Platform Made for Education

  • TrilbyTV makes it easy to add content onto your screens
  • Connect as many screens as you like with the Unlimited screen subscription
  • Your signage is always up-to-date with automatic refreshes
  • Playback's easy since TrilbyTV works with familiar hardware & apps

TrilbyTV care about the same things as you. They're focused on the students' voice, teachers' sharing and the wider community; that's why they've designed the TrilbyTV player to make sharing content so easy.

The simple cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection as long as you've got a login. This enables staff and students to add content from a variety of sources and gives everyone ownership of the content. But don't worry, you won't have things shared that you don't want to be - moderators are able to control what's shown and where.

Content creators having control of screens means you save IT time and your content can be shown even quicker. And because TrilbyTV supports such a wide range of files, the platform also does the heavy lifting in terms of adding, formatting and beautifully displaying your content across your screens.

Virtue's Top 10 Reasons for Recommending TrilbyTV

  • It's cloud-based. That means you can access & play your content anywhere
  • It's cross-platform. So their apps work on iOS & MacOS (Apple), Windows, Chrome & Android
  • There's 25GB of storage on each TrilbyTV. That means you can store around 10 hours of continuous video
  • You don't need to be technical to use it. You can upload MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, and many other popular video formats, so adding content's a breeze for your staff and students alike
  • Playback is easy. No matter the type or size of screen, you'll be able to Playback via iOS, tvOS, OS X, Windows or Chrome
  • You can easily categorise content for Playback. In the admin console you can edit categories and access system settings to separate and showcase content
  • TrilbyTV won't slow down your internet connections. The dynamic & intelligent caching on players conserves bandwidth use
  • You don't need to worry about connection types. TrilbyTV uses the latest in HTTP streaming technologies (HLS) to cater for all connection types
  • It's not just signage. The solution enables you to repurpose content for other channels
  • TrilbyTV offer an unlimited license to education establishments. As a learning environment, you can easily and affordably grow your digital signage usage

Unlimited Screens License

TrilbyTV's passion for the benefits of digital signage in education means they offer an unlimited screen license exclusively for the education sector. We and TrilbyTV want to ensure you can get as many screens as you need around your site. So whether you're keen to grow your signage estate, have one screen or 15+, TrilbyTV will be ideal for you. The unlimited single-site license also provides unlimited users so it'll support as many staff and students as you have.

Ask us for a quote or speak to us about demos and free trials today.

TrilbyTV Player works on a range of devices

TrilbyTV - Beyond your Signage Screens

Because the TrilbyTV team are as passionate about education as they are about digital signage, they've made it easy for you to use the app to repurpose your signage content on other mediums, all to further engage your visitors, parents, staff and students.

  • Integrates with Google Apps for Education.
    Simply authenticate the system and you'll be able to access your G Suite content for use on your Players or vice versa.
  • Share far & Wide.
    Public Links can easily be made from any clip or video to allow wider sharing.
  • Enable Viewing by Embedding Content.
    You've got the option to embed document, video and image links so you can add content to your VLE, website or other workflow tools.
TrilbyTV - Playlists & Players

How Easy Is It to Manage Multiple TrilbyTV Players?

Manage your players in the Player Dashboard

The TrilbyTV Player Dashboard gives you centralised control and administration of multiple TrilbyTV Players.

From one simple web interface, you can see all of your TrilbyTV Players and their current status.

The Player Dashboard gives you full control over playback and configuration as if you were standing right in front of the screen.

Use your Player dashboard for at-a-glance player status too, there's a simple traffic light system: Green = Okay, Yellow = potential screen issue, Red = screen offline or disconnected.

  • Use one web-based console to control & configure multiple players
  • Connect new Players to your dashboard using a short code
  • Import & export settings to quickly change a screen configuration
  • Easily set-up new devices by copying from existing player settings
  • Works with TrilbyTV Players, Chrome Browser (Mac/Win/Linux), ChromeOS, iOS and tvOS

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