ClassVR by Avantis

ClassVR brings affordable, innovative Virtual Reality lessons and experiences to students of all ages. It comes complete with hardware, software, curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, equipping teachers with everything they need to introduce this cutting edge technology straight into the classroom.

Classrom VR technology is truly the next step in immersive learning.


Pedagogically sound virtual reality content together with curriculum aligned lesson plans

The engaging content available with ClassVR is aligned directly to the curriculum. This works in combination with the structured lesson plans, designed to encourage the imagination of students from all ages.

Each lessons will leave pupils with memories and experiences which help to visualise and understand even the most complex of school subjects.


Simplified Classroom Control
With The ClassVR Portal

The ClassVR Portal is a simple way to discover and deliver engaging Virtual Reality content and lessons within the classroom.

It also provides full control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom all from a simple web page.

Learn how to plan and deliver lessons with ClassVR >

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