Manchester To Blackpool Bike Ride Challenge


On 14th July, a dedicated group of ten individuals from Team Virtue will take part in the 100km Bike Challenge riding from Manchester to Blackpool. This significant event is aimed at raising awareness and funds for our chosen charity, ANDYSMANCLUB. We are committed to supporting their mission of providing essential mental health support and fostering a sense of community for men across the nation.

ANDYSMANCLUB’s work in breaking down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and offering a safe space for men to talk and support each other is invaluable. Through our participation, we hope to contribute meaningfully to their efforts and encourage more people to engage with and support their vital services.

We Invite everyone to support ANDYSMANCLUB by contributing a donation of any size. Your generosity will help advance their crucial work in mental health support. Visit our JustGiving page to make a difference Virtue Technologies is fundraising for ANDYSMANCLUB

We are incredibly fortunate to have the great support of our business partners, who have demonstrated remarkable generosity in sponsoring our challenge. Their backing is a testament to the collective effort needed to drive positive change in society.

Here are our amazing partners…

BenQ | BTech | CoAction | CTOUCH | Exertis Enterprise | Fujitsu | Iiyama | PXC | SMART | Virgin Media


Sunday, 14th July 2024




Salford Quays, Manchester

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