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Building a long-lasting infrastructure and strategy through teamwork and partnership

The Solution deployed?

Over the years, the IT and Leadership Teams have challenged Virtue to provide fast, reliable internet, a refresh programme delivering desktop PCs and to provide efficient support for the IT department.

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About Christleton High

This coeducational academy converter Secondary School and Sixth Form is nestled on the outskirts of Chester in Cheshire. With over 1,300 pupils, Christleton High is continually oversubscribed due to its positive, supportive and stimulating environment as well as its Outstanding Ofsted rating.

Following years of working with Virtue on project deployment and installations, Christleton felt we’d be the perfect IT Support Partner for them.

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The Background

Christleton were looking for a long term IT partner. The Leadership Team were keen to find a company to work with that could provide products and services, as well as strategic advice. Along with the Finance Team, they were also mindful that when choosing a partner, they’d need someone who understood education and the budgeting constraints present in the sector. Christleton’s tight budgets meant they needed to ensure all their services were being procured and delivered cost-effectively.

With regards to their internet, reliability and uptime were critical as was the speed of access. With their previous supplier, they weren’t able to have full control over their firewall or filtering. This meant that teachers were stopped from using new cloud applications or websites in the classroom. On top of this, the internet speed wasn’t sufficient enough to support the number of users they had, hampering their plans to launch a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme in their Sixth Form.

Supporting All Stakeholders


Christleton’s Leadership Team were looking for an IT partner because they felt their in-house Team wasn’t large enough to support the school’s ever increasing infrastructure and hardware. They felt working with an IT partner would mean they didn’t spend time on recruitment and management, particularly when in the past they’d struggled to find suitable candidates quickly as well as with staff retention. Having seen Virtue work alongside Christleton’s in-house Team, Headteacher Tony Lamberton is pleased with how well we complement their team, and with the additional resource and expertise we provide.

IT Team

We wanted to enable Christleton to have confidence in their IT enabling them to focus on teaching and learning. This can only happen when the IT just works from the time the teachers and students turn it on. Working with Network Manager John and his team over a number of years, we’ve ensured they’re involved in our installations and projects so they can manage their IT on-site day-to-day. John trusts us to give advice and guidance, Christleton were looking for a long term IT partner and we belive they’ve found one with us. We offer good value products and solutions, reliability and speed.


Budget constraints are always a concern for the Finance Team at Christleton, this combined with reduced IT Staff availability meant they were happy to partner with a support provider. During our long relationship, Business Manager Nigel Follos has been impressed that our partnership has led to a reduction in IT and Leadership Team time required to manage their technology. As the school works to improve their learning opportunities, there’s an ever-increasing need for more IT provision. With such tight budgets, Nigel’s pleased to know that Virtue are passionate about providing cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solutions enabling Christleton to budget appropriately for refreshes.


The Benefits

  • Increased Internet Speed
  • Flexible, Reliable Network
  • BYOD Programme Support
  • Long-life Hardware to Minimise Refresh Costs
  • Suitable, Speedy IT Support
  • Cost-Effective IT, with No Hidden Costs

As their Internet Service Provider, we increased the reliability and speed of Christleton’s internet for their teachers and students, enabling the network to support the whole school better and allowing them to implement a BYOD programme for the 6th Form.

We’ve also given them the flexibility to allow their on-site IT Team to control their own network access to cloud applications and websites themselves. This means they can now support teaching and learning instantly and manage it themselves.

With regards to hardware, we’ve deployed long-life solutions to mimimise their overall refresh costs and frequency. The SFF Desktop PCs we supplied have a much faster speed than their previous ones and the footprint is much smaller, meaning more can fit in their ICT Suite. This allows more students to utilise the PC suites and the machines themselves boot-up ready for use quicker. We’ve also worked direct with the PC manufacturers to ensure we can continue to provide consistent form factor like-for-like models when required.

To ensure our Fully Managed Service gives Christleton the support they need, we provide a consistent team member on-site who accesses specific area expertise through the combined knowledge of our Support Desk and wider Engineering Team. With our large, in-house Technical Team we’re able to quickly and easily cover any sickness or holiday leave, removing the management burden from the school.

Over The Years

Working Together

Christleton have partnered with Virtue Technologies for over twelve years. We’ve helped them develop their Virtual Network Infrastructure, Wireless Platform, Internet and Sophos Security. In fact they’ve all been provided, and installed by Virtue, and are now supported by us on a continuing ongoing basis.

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