Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School

Virtue delivers high speed internet with enterprise wireless

With 100 years of serving families in Rossendale, Lancashire and beyond, Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School are proud of their heritage and celebrate their school traditions, but alongside this, they seek to embrace positive change and innovation through ICT.

The Process

As the School place increasing emphasis on eLearning and see a constant and necessary growth in the number of mobile devices throughout all areas of teaching and learning, including the requirements and demands for ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and Guest Access, the importance of a fast, reliable internet service with total security at all levels is paramount. Combined with high speed internet, a school's success in launching digital learning is directly impacted by the performance of its wireless LAN.

The School were looking for a wireless network that would provide predictable performance in dense user environments, delivery of high definition video, reliable connectivity for critical on-line testing, which doesn’t impact class time, create frustrated users, and turn users off from wanting to use the new program.

They wanted a solution that gave them control over their internet provision and the benefit of having their own ‘non contended’ dedicated line. Alongside this was a need for greater control over filtering, making changes quickly and being flexible in adapting to teacher and student needs whilst safe in the knowledge that security was at the highest level possible. The School also needed to quickly monitor potential threats and produce fast and accurate reports of general usage and any identified security concerns.

Taking into account all of these requirements Virtue Technologies delivered a comprehensive solution that has not only met all of Bacup & Rawtenstall’s current requirements but should also see them keeping pace with the changing face of technology in the years to come.

We have worked with the School closely to bring together the deployment of a dedicated leased line which can be expanded to higher bandwidths quickly and easily if required (and as the number of mobile devices increases) and a complete security solution based on the Sophos Security Gateway.

All of this works in tandem with the site wide Meru Managed Wireless system which gives an end to end solution for fast, reliable and controlled, yet flexible access to eLearning and cloud based solutions. As wireless devices increase in density and diversity, and move from casual to business-essential use, Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School are now prepared for the coming Wi-Fi flood.

The Outcome

Ben Whitaker, Network Manager at Bacup & Rawtenstall, said ‘I am more than pleased that Virtue provided us with a solution that just works’. He stated that the school’s internet is ‘a faster, efficient service with full control which allows us to be flexible to our ever changing needs’.

Virtue Technologies are flexible to our ever changing needs


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