Ghyllside Primary School

Ghyllside Primary School turned to Virtue when they were looking for a reliable wireless network

Ghyllside Primary School in Kendal is an Academy which has around 460 pupils aged 3 – 11. According to the school’s Ofsted inspection report ‘Children reach high standards in Information and communication Technology (ICT)’. Ghyllside Primary School state that “ICT has a high priority as we prepare our children for the high-tech society in which they will grow up and eventually work.” Computers are used extensively throughout the school to teach the children computing skills and to support work in many curriculum areas. Their year 6 pupils are provided with their own tablet computer.

In the past, Ghyllside Primary relied on individual wireless hubs dotted around school.  As they started using multiple tablets in the classroom for learning and teaching, connectivity became unreliable and caused constant chaos throughout school. Paula Bainbridge, ICT Resource Manager at Ghyllside Primary school said “If you can imagine that everyday someone was coming to me because they couldn’t get on the internet, this was time consuming and frustrating”.

Ghyllside approached Virtue Technologies about solving the problem. We installed a new Meru wireless system in June 2014 to provide a reliable connection across the entire school. Based on the AP832 High Density Access Point, the new wireless network will support hundreds of devices at blistering 802.11ac gigabit speeds. With Meru’s 802.11ac intelligent Wi-Fi solution, staff and students can get the speeds they demand, and enjoy uninterrupted learning by:

  • Leveraging Meru's unique single-channel architecture to take full advantage of the capabilities of 802.11ac
  • Enabling the most multimedia rich learning applications (streaming video, IPTV or screen mirroring with AirPlay)
  • Ensure reliability by dedicating wireless channels for specific applications based upon policy

Addressing reliability issues with the exiting wired network, and to support the new wireless network we also installed 2 new HP switches. To minimise the schools expenditure we reused existing network sockets and cables but moved them to a suitable location, only installing new data sockets where necessary.

The Outcome

Paula Bainbridge says “From the moment it was installed I haven’t had one single issue. I never have to worry about connection issues as there aren’t any. I don’t have a headache from all the complaints over connections.  Life is quiet and great.”  

Ghyllside have recently had a new staff room built and also some new meeting rooms, they have asked Virtue to extend their wireless network to meet these new building developments. Paula said “Even when we had a new Access Point installed in the new staffroom, we plugged it in and it worked!”

From the moment it was installed I haven’t had one single issue. I never have to worry about connection issues as there aren’t any 


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