The University of Brighton Academies Trust (UBAT), South East England

Helping UBAT's schools advance from a paper-based registration system to an IT based sign-in solution

The Solution deployed?
We scoped out 12 of the 15 schools in the multi-academy trust and implemented the InVentry sign in solution.

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About UBAT

The University of Brighton Academies Trust is currently made of 15 schools, 3 Secondary and 12 Primary schools. The Trust is built on the values of excellence, integrity and innovation. They aim to work collaboratively to help their pupils and those connected to their academies achieve excellence.

The Academy Trust understands that each of their schools is unique. They tailor their support to suit the individual academy and its pupils. The academies support each other to improve.

UBAT MAT School Sites
InVentry main education screen and label printer

The Challenge

The Trust wanted to implement a standardised, digital solution to keep track of visitors and staff across the schools. They needed a secure and compliant way to keep their records at a school and Trust level. They wanted an IT provider who could help deploy the market-leading solution in their schools.

Based on the needs of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, Virtue supplied the InVentry sign-in system to 12 of the 15 schools within the trust. The trust was looking for a GDPR compliant, more efficient and secure way to sign in visitors and staff across all their schools.

Each has a different reception setup and differing site entrances, which we scoped out in advance to understand each school’s need. The previous and various systems in place at each school weren’t efficient, secure or transparent to the trust. Several of the schools used paper-based systems, by upgrading to an electronic system, the trust would be able to keep track of staff attendance at all sites, as well as ensure only approved contractors would be allowed at the schools.

Working with Virtue’s to find a solution

We knew that there were several digital sign-in solutions available on the market. However, InVentry is the market leader for education, not only because of it's many stand-out features, but also because it was initially designed with the education sector in mind.

The software makes the solution easily scalable. A school site with multiple buildings, entrances and exits can use it centralise all that data, and equally a Trust can centralise data across their multiple school sites. This is why we suggested UBAT use InVentry.

InVentry sign in on multiple devices

We translated the Leadership Team’s objectives into a technical solution.
We've helped their staff save time with an easy-to-use sign-in solution that makes reporting quick & simple.

University of Brighton Academies Trust multiple education screens

We proposed that UBAT install InVentry screens at each site, covering all of the schools entrance points. Each screen has the ability to communicate and send data to a centralised location so that they can be collated and viewed at a Trust level, which was one of their key requirements.

With InVentry, reports can be created and collated at both an individual school and at a Trust level. The time it takes to collate these reports is vastly reduced too, because all the information and the reporting tools are already in the InVentry software.

UBAT MAT School Crests

The Benefits

  • A Senior Leadership Objective translated into a Technical Solution
  • Safeguarding Compliance for Ofsted & DfE
  • Easily Accessible Reporting
  • Easy-to-use System for Staff, Students & Visitors
  • Improved School, Parental, Staff & Pupil perception
  • Measurable Weekly Administration Staff Time Savings
“We were looking for an IT provider who could demonstrate how InVentry would work and the problems it would help us solve across the trust once it was deployed. Virtue’s InVentry Account Manager was incredibly knowledgeable about the system and provided a detailed demonstration It proved to us that InVentry was the perfect sign-in solution for the University of Brighton Trust to adopt and that Virtue were the ideal providers.”
Glenn Oakman, ICT Operations Manager, University of Brighton Academies Trust


The primary benefit of Virtue installing InVentry was the creation of a secure, computerised sign-in system which supports safeguarding across each of the University of Brighton Academy Trust’s school sites. Both the individual schools and the Trust can monitor all access into the school, safely securely and efficiently.

Now, each school in the Trust has their personnel records are stored in a secure, central location that’s Ofsted approved. The trust can approve and share contractor information across all of their schools.

Digital reporting of people on premise

In the event of an emergency, any of the schools and the Trust can produce live fire evacuation reports from a remote device. This makes the procedure safer and more efficient than their previous paper-based method. It also helps promote transparency across the Trust and speaks to their core value of integrity.

No more manual data entry

Each staff member can now sign in and out using their own permanent name badge, making it quicker for them to sign in each morning and out in the afternoon. It also saves administration staff time, as data entry work, staff absences and lateness were recorded manually prior to InVentry.

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